IC Distributor and Sales Representative

Jeritronics (極瑞電子) is a professional IC agent and distributor based in Taiwan with a subsidiaries in Shenzhen. Founded in 1989, in the 22 years experiences in this field which build up an professional consultation, genuine service and people oriented team as our viewpoint. Our specialized and immediate service, to establish long term relationship with customers. As a bridge between our customer and suppliers, we keep the communication flow smoothly. Whether it's provide market information to a supplier or resolving a customer's issue on product application, we always take the offer to provide solutions. At present, Jeritronics is a distributor for nine fabless IC design companies who specialize in IC designs with advanced technologies such as the following: Intellon, Metallink, IC+, Niko, InfraCom, FTDI, Artesyn, PDI and Teraxion.

極瑞電子股份有限公司為一家半導體零組件專業代 理商,成立 於1989年,在歷經二十二年來的努力耕耘下,建立優良的信譽, 仍持續秉持專業、熱誠的精神及信守誠諾的態度,並結合優秀 的市場計劃、銷售和技術支援實力繼續服務客戶,並積極扮演 國內外供應商和客戶之間的最佳橋樑,以期創造三贏之最佳目標。